David Schames, D.D.S.



Steven L.

"I choose David through a suggestion from a co-worker and all I can say is amazing. I've used numerous dentist in the last 10 years including the new modern techie types like miracle smile and some old fashion dentist in beverly hills and none compare to David Schames. His attention to detail and customer service are fantastic. His knowledge and friendly attitude not only makes my experience awesome but educational as well. When I did have a cavity we went through all the different caveats as to how to tackle the situation which meant options. This was nice to know and very comforting that there were options. I appreciate when a dentist will take his time and really explain what is going on during the procedure. I highly recommend Mr Schames as he also trained in the most recent dental techniques which comes down to stronger better fillings and techniques to handle dental issues as well as how to minimize causing pain to his clients. Great dentist!"

Daniella L.

"My experience with Dr. David Schames was fantastic! I came to see Dr. Schames because my mouth was full of cavities. He saw me right away, and he was friendly and kind during the entire visit. Dr. Schames took the time to explain everything he was doing, and walked me through the entire procedure. He was very knowledgable, and I could tell I was receiving excellent care. He also made sure that I felt no pain (I literally felt nothing!). His office was also clean and his staff was very friendly. I would highly recommend him!

Thank you Dr. Schames!"

Espy I.

"I love this place, on top of the excellent work that Dr. David Schames provides he makes you feel so comfortable and explains everything very well and is just so so friendly . He works with you and fights for your rights with your dental insurance. Just a great doc would recommend him definitely! Office, dental rooms, and restrooms are very clean , the young lady Gaby is the nicest young lady."

Jan S.

"Upon my first visit, Dr Schames spent I think about 30 mins or so with me just explaining to me how our teeth function and move within the mouth. He asked me about my goals and things that concern me, and he answered all my questions. He never pushed me into any procedures or told me how I needed "this and that" like my previous dentist. My teeth feel so much better now that he has worked on them.

His office is very clean, his hours are flexible, he is gentle (I am so scared of drilling), and he spends the extra time explaining the treatment plan.

I can't say much else, other than I had a fantastic experience, and I really love my Dentist. I wish I had found him a long time ago, because it would have saved me a lot of stress and money! He accepts most insurances and he has specials running all throughout the year."

Jaqi G.

"I recently had to have an abscessed tooth extracted on an emergency basis, as the infection had gone into the jaw bone and my face had swelled. Dr. Schames was patient and diligent and was able to remove the tooth in one piece- something I find amazing as part of the tooth had already broken off. he was extremely kind and I will definitely use him in the future for non-emergency work. Thank you Dr. David. "